Executive Interviews

I want to make this society a better place through business.
I'm enjoying my job now, and I feel happier every day!


 - Please tell us about your career to date. - 

 After graduating from Dalian University of Technology in China in 2013, I joined a Japanese Consulting firm in Japan, where I worked for 5 years in SAP consulting business. She was mainly involved in upstream projects such as SAP products and infrastructure system implementation.

 After that, I moved to another Big4 Consulting firm and spent a year in a large company where I experienced business transformation projects and conceptualization projects for system implementation in the purchasing department.

 Then, in 2019, I founded ARK CONSULTING, Inc. with other members of the consulting industry who I had been fortunate enough to know.


 - How did you start your company? - 

 Originally, I had a dream of starting my own business since I was a student, and I wanted to change this society for the better through my own efforts. That's the motivation behind the establishment of ARK.

 Apart from entrepreneurship, I had a dream of becoming a mechanical engineer (a college major), but I gave up on that and jumped into the consulting industry with an eye on starting a business in the future. The skills and knowledge I acquired as a consultant in the firm are certainly helping me to found ARK CONSULTING Ltd. today.


 I want to use ARK as a starting point to bring together people from all over the world and contribute to the betterment of our society through the use of advanced technology and consulting business. I enjoy working with my team members on a daily basis and feel happy.


 - Who do you belong to? -

 The company was founded with 5 people and now has 10. The majority of the members are from large consulting firms, many of whom are acquaintances or friends from college, whom we have met through our work.

 All of our employees come from either the strategic consulting or IT consulting fields, and have a wide range of experience in M&A, accounting, purchasing, production, human resources, BW (BW), etc., which we believe is one of our strengths.

 We have recently begun recruiting mid-career employees due to our strong performance; we have hired one person in April 2020.


- What is the division's business focus? -

 In our inaugural year, we focused on our existing SAP implementation business; in 2020, we want to build our own business and focus on developing new solutions. Our current initiatives include the following two

  1. The latest cloud solutions, including SAP

  2. Use of VR (Virtual Reality) (VR Panorama and VR Live Streaming)

 - What technology areas are you focusing on? -

 We believe that cloud products will become the dominant system for enterprises in the future, not just for SAP. We expect demand for online services to increase due to the global epidemic of the coronavirus, and we have begun offering VR services.